Welcome everybody to the Volantis starter guide! We'll be covering the ins and outs to get you up and running in the most efficient and effective manner! Firstly, I would like to point out that there are many play-styles that you can choose from, and we have options for all of your grinding needs! Please read the entire guide for it is full of information you will need. So let's get right into it!

Upon logging in you are granted three options:

1. Normal player - All functions available.

2. Ironman - No trading, staking, or looting from killed players. (11DR/DDR)

3.Ultimate Ironman - The ultimate challenge! all of the above mentioned in the ironman, however you also cannot bank! Only for the real Tryhards! (22DR/DDR)

Use command ::ref (any online player) For 3x free donator boxes that have some pretty helpful items in them, including the extreme donator rank.

Before we get started, I would like to point out that all skills here on Volantis cap at 150. After choosing your game mode, you're going to want to throw on that starter gear and get to work on the zones. All teleports can be found on the world icon on the bottom left of the minimap. Now you have a few options to choose from based on your preferred style:

Zones Method

If you are the type of person who wants to just jump in there head first and start to grind, then this is the section for you! As mentioned above, we'll start off by throwing on that starter gear and heading to the


teleport menu found at the bottom left of the minimap. You may choose any preferred combat style, however, personally I would like to recommend melee as it has the most use, and potential as of now on the server. The first zones in each combat style are simple enough: get 50 kills, acquire some loot and move on to the next. Every zone after that will be 100 kills. Work your way up and eventually make your way to the end game NPC's. Exodius, Donkey Kong, and the infamous Radioactive Thing. (Yes, we know, it is a weird looking thing indeed.)

I would also recommend starting on prayer as soon as possible because SoulSplit will be your best friend.

*Extra piece of advice* Easiest way to get to the altar to sacrifice your bones is to click on your skills tab and click on the prayer skill itself. It will automatically teleport you to the areas!


Slayer Method

Once you have gained enough combat stats to take on most NPC's you may want to start grinding out some slayer! It is recommended that you get to 80 slayer and choose Kuradal as your slayer master. Kuradal


gives mostly boss tasks and are the easiest to farm out those slayer points. Slayer masters can be found by using command ::slayer or by clicking on the slayer skill in the skills tab. Remember to pick up and save all of your slayer keys, for the chest that is located at the ::chest command gives great mid game loot and will be very helpful to help you progress to the end game bosses! At 1,500 slayer points you can grab your first collector's necklace and save yourself the hassle of picking up the endless loot you are bound to collect throughout your grind.

*Collector's necklaces can also be found by participating in the Marvel raids, and the Vader raids found in the minigames sections of the teleport tab.*

Skilling Method

Most of the skills here on Volantis are up and running! If skilling is your favorite way to pass the time and a grind you like to find yourself in, then you will enjoy this option the best, as like I had previously mentioned, all skills are capped at 150! There are two ways you can go about the skilling on this server:

1. The good ol grind! - This one is pretty self explanatory! You can buy a donator scroll from the loyalty shop and make use of the skill zones graciously placed at the ::Dzone! Otherwise, there is many skilling options at home, and you can click most of the skills in the skill tab for an instant teleport.

2. The xp lamp way! - For 100k 1b tickets you can purchase Dragonkin Lamps from the pos by either searching for dragonkin lamps, or just searching Supreme, as he has a bountiful supply of them placed generously in his shop! Mind you, this option is PRICEY, and is only recommended once you have you funds up, son!



We do offer many custom items here on Volantis. Which includes the use of Area Of Effect (AOE) weapons. If you find yourself doing well on cash, and having a hard time grinding out those slayer tasks, I would recommend buying a Blood Glaive, or BFG-900.. Both of these wepons are aoe and will make clearing rooms so much easier.

After getting a nice weapon that you can use (I still recommend an aoe) I would head over to Vaders and attempt to get your hands on a Vader Glaive.

Getting a vader glaive will help you do more more single target damage which is useful for end game bosses.

Another useful tip I would recommend is heading over to pest control and trying to get a few pieces of each void for upgrading into Elite Void. We do have a 3x chance upgrade day, and I would save those pieces for that as they have a lower upgrade rate for being the best in slot armor (currently).

Once you have gotten some Elite Void, taking on the end game bosses will be a lot easier (Gear guides and price guides can be found on the client and also on Discord). Donkey Kong drops the Symbiartic Pounder which is currently the best weapon for overall damage and AOE.

Need a Strength gem? Cut an opal and upgrade it!

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